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Grant  Application Guidelines

All grant applications must carefully follow these guidelines. The application consists of four sections; each section is described below. Two sections of the application (Cover Sheet, Budget Page) consist of downloadable forms that each applicant must print from this web site and fill out. The other two sections do not require forms.

Applications should be compiled according to the following guidelines and in the order given:

1. Cover Sheet (downloaded form)

Print the cover sheet and fill in all requested information. A brief abstract of the proposal is requested on the cover sheet and must not exceed the space provided. A signature box is provided at the bottom of the cover sheet. Please ensure that you sign in this space.

2. Description of Proposed Research (no form)

This description must not exceed five total pages, and may be single-spaced. It should include an introduction, review of prior relevant work, a detailed statement of the research problem to be undertaken, significance of the research, timetable of research, and if necessary, discussion of materials and methods.

3. Budget Page (downloaded form)

Applicants may request funding for field expenses, travel, materials, supplies, and support services. Purchase of permanent equipment, software, and publication costs will be considered, but needs justification by the applicant. Institutional overheads, salaries, benefits, and meeting expenses for applicants are not allowed. All requests must be made in Canadian dollars.
The budget is broken down into eight categories (each is explained below). For each category in which you request funds, please list the specific items in the space provided next to the category name. For example, if Can.$1,000 is requested in the Transportation category for round trip airfare between London and New York, please type "round-trip airfare London-New York" in the space provided. Expenses in each category can be further discussed in the Budget Justification section at the bottom of the form if additional space and/or explanation is needed.
Transportation includes such items as airfare, car rental, and gasoline. Equipment may include purchase or rental of items such as jackhammers, shovels, air compressors, computers, and calipers, and must be explained in the Budget Justification section. Materials and Supplies refer to expendable items such as plaster, burlap, paper, and glues. Wages are allowed in some instances for personnel such as field or research assistants. Salary for applicants is not allowed. Services include such items as illustration of specimens, translation of papers, and computer or imaging (e.g., CT scan) time. Any additional items may be listed under "Other Expenses" and explained in the Budget Justification section.
All Equipment and Other Expenses must be explained in the Budget Justification section at the bottom of the sheet. If the space provided is not sufficient, one additional page may be appended to this section to cover these items.

4. Applicant's Curriculum Vitae (CV) (no form)

The applicant's current  Curriculum Vitae  should be appended to the back of the application.


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This page last modified on... February 28, 2018