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With our abundance of dinosaur bearing sediments, Alberta has a special position in the study and preservation of this unique and valuable palaeontological resource.

Significant funding is required to prospect, study and excavate this resource before the volumes of sediment are eroded and the fossils are exposed to weathering and destruction. Young scientists who have embarked on this fascinating profession need financial support for their research.

In 1996, a group of enthusiastic Albertans established the Dinosaur Research Institute (DRI). It was registered as a charity in 1997.

DRIs purpose is to coordinate, facilitate, support, direct and fund dinosaur and palaeontological research in Canada or with Canadian paleo scientists at important sites worldwide. In addition, graduate students are supported in paleo projects.

Since its incorporation, the DRI has funded a variety of research projects including:

bullet Multi year funding contribution to excavation of the important Albertosaurus bonebed at Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park. In excess of 22 individual Albertosaurus have been identified at this site.
bullet Partial support of the GPS locating and staking of the quarries in Dinosaur Provincial Park.
bullet Funding of technicians to prepare Mongolian dinosaur specimens. The prepared specimens are studied for comparisons with Alberta species.
bullet Supported the preparation and study of feathered dinosaurs from China.
bullet Supported students.    

The DRI encourages you to support this important research. Donations and sponsorships are tax deductible and can be directed to specific projects or contributed to the projects selected each year. 

Contact us for more information or to provide support and/or volunteer your time.

Dinosaur Research Institute
P.O. Box 6353   Stn. D
Calgary, AB. Canada
T2P 2C9

New for 2017

DRI is funding 2 travel grants of up to $1000 each for the Canadian Society of Vertebrate Paleontology annual meeting,

See the Grants page for the application information. Application deadline is March 1.

New for 2018

DINOTOUR is Back!  Details are being finalized, but will be in early July 2018, with exact dates to follow.


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